Michael Baumgartner

Bringing fiscal responsibility to Spokane County.

Dear Friends,

I’m Michael Baumgartner, and it is because of you great people that I am running for Spokane County Treasurer. Eight years ago when I returned from Iraq and Afghanistan you gave me the great privilege of serving as your State Senator. And although I will not be returning to the Senate, If elected as Treasurer, I’ll look forward to fighting for the same principles of jobs growth, fiscal responsibility and quality education that I’ve worked to advance in Olympia.

I have called Eastern Washington home my whole life and that is why I will continue to fight for students, small businesses, and community members like you.


Creating Jobs for Spokane

A good job and the ability to start your own business are at the heart of the American Dream.


Ensuring Quality Education

A quality education system is the key to a strong America, from excellence in our K-12 systems to our world-renowned colleges and universities. As the son of two educators and father of four children, I understand just how important education is for the future.


Creating Responsible Budgets

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to create balanced budgets and reduce our debt. As your Senator, I helped pass into law our state’s first balanced budget requirement.