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Dear Friends,

Eight years ago when I returned from Iraq and Afghanistan you gave me the great privilege of serving as your State Senator. Today I'm writing to inform you that it’s time for a new challenge. I will not be returning to the Senate, but instead will be running for Spokane County Treasurer (R) back home. While I’ll miss the Senate, you can count on me to continue to be politically active and to fight for the same conservative principles of fiscal responsibility, jobs growth and quality education.

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Meet Michael Baumgartner

Michael has served as State Senator for Spokane’s 6th District for the past eight years, fighting for fiscal responsibility and smarter government, while championing important community projects like the new WSU medical school, Spokane’s North-South Freeway, EWU’s new science building and improvements to Mt Spokane.


Spokane County Treasurer

The core role of the County Treasurer is the receipt, accounting, management, disbursement and investment of public funds.


Baumgartner for Treasurer

A fiscal conservative knows how to stretch a dollar. To save money, we re-edited old campaign footage. Let me know what you think!

Sen. Michael Baumgartner’s ‘Top 10’ from 8 yrs in Olympia

I’ve been asked by a few people to list my favorite moments the State Senate that I played a prominent role in. Here’s what I came up with: