Building and Protecting Our Community


I grew up in Eastern Washington and my wife and I love raising our three kids here. As your Senator, I’m committed to building a thriving, healthy and safe community for my family and for yours....

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Creating Jobs


A good job and the ability to start your own business are at the heart of the American Dream. As your Senator, creating job opportunities continues to be my number one priority...


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Ensuring Access to Health Care


A “one size fits all” health care system is not what we need in Eastern Washington. Unfortunately, last year many Washingtonians lost their existing insurance due to Obamacare-related cancellations...


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Ensuring Quality Education


A quality education system is the key to a strong America, from excellence in our K-12 systems to our world-renowned colleges and universities. As your Senator, I’ve been a strong advocate ensuring education is our top priority. Education should receive the first dollar of state spending, not the last dime...


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Creating Budgets and Reducing Reckless Government Spending


We owe it to our children and grandchildren to create balanced budgets and reduce our debt. As your Senator, I helped pass into law our state’s first balanced budget requirement in 2012...


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Restoring Our Liberties


Having grown up in Washington and then worked in dozens of countries around the world, including serving as a State Department Officer in Iraq, I know first-hand what freedom means. As your Senator, I’ve been a strong advocate of private property rights, voting to limit the use of eminent domain, and helped lead a bi-partisan effort to limit and regulate the use of drones and un-manned aerial vehicles by government agencies without first obtaining a warrant...


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Supporting America's Best - Our Veterans and Our Seniors


Veterans: America’s best are those men and women who put themselves in harm’s way in order to protect us. As your Senator, I’ve been pleased to support measures granting in-state tuition to Veterans, giving small businesses a special tax credit for hiring Veterans, and supporting health and psychological programs for those suffering from PTSD...
Seniors: As your Senator, I’ve been pleased to help pass measures to crack down on scam artists targeting Seniors, to help protect nursing home care for those in need, and to offer job retraining programs for those Seniors who want to gain new skills or re-enter the labor market...
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